Whenever you travel by ship or ferry, your right to travel in safety and comfort is protected by the European Union by means of  Regulation 1177/2010. Thus, passengers enjoy more reliable and better – quality maritime passenger services.

This Regulation established rules related to the non-discrimination and assistance for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, the rights of passengers in cases of cancellation or delay, minimum information to be provided to passengers, and handling of complaints.

This regulation shall not apply if the ship:

  • Carries less than 12 passengers
  • The crew is made up of 3 members or less
  • The distance travelled is less than 500 metres
  • Excursions and sightseeing tours
  • Ships not propelled by mechanical means and to ships designed before 1965 which are certified to carry up to 36 passengers.

If the departure of a passenger service or a cruise is cancelled or delayed by 90 minutes or more, the passenger shall provide:

  • Free of charge snacks, meals or refreshments; or
  • Accommodation capped at €80 per person if the delay in departure consists in a stay on one or more nights up to 3 nights.

As a passenger on board of a passenger service or a cruise, you shall be notified as soon as possible by the carrier or the terminal operator about the situation and given an update as soon as possible not later than 30 minutes from the scheduled time for departure. You shall be informed about the estimated departure time together with the estimated time of arrival. When this exceeds 90 minutes, you are entitled to choose either:

  • Re-routing to the destination under similar conditions at no additional cost
  • Reimbursement of the ticket price. When you choose this option, the payment shall be made within 7 days of the full cost of the purchased ticket.

It will not apply if you are informed before purchasing the ticket about the delay or cancellation or when the delay is caused by extreme weather conditions that endanger the safety operation of the ship.

You may request compensation from the carrier in case of a delay in the arrival of the destination as set out in the transport contract. The Compensation shall be 25% of the ticket price provided that:

  • One-hour delay for a planned travel time of four hours;
  • Two-hour delay for a planned travel time of four to eight hours;
  • Three-hour delay for a planned travel time of eight to twenty-four hours;
  • Six-hour delay for a planned travel time of more than twenty-four hours.

If the delay exceeds double the times indicated above the compensation shall increase to 50% of the ticket price.

Note: Compensation is not due, if the carrier informs you before purchasing the ticket; or proves that the cancellation or the delay was caused by extreme weather conditions that would endanger the safety operation of the ship; or by extraordinary events that could not be avoided, even though the carrier took all reasonable measures.

You are protected against discrimination based on nationality, place of residence or disability when you buy a ticket or during travel. You enjoy the same rights as other passengers, and you should be allowed to travel without any difficulties and at no extra cost. In fact, if the carrier asks you to be accompanied by another person who can provide you with assistance, this person shall travel with you free of charge.

Carriers and travel agents may only refuse to take you onboard if it is physically impossible given the design of the ship or port infrastructure and equipment; or because in doing so the carrier would breach health and safety requirements established by competent authorities.

The carrier, travel agent or the tour operator that refused embarkation shall explain their decision. Furthermore, you are entitled that this explanation is given in writing within 5 working days from your request.

Yes, you have this possibility, first you must contact the shipping company that issued the ticket within 2 months from the date on which the service was provided or should have been provided. The carrier or terminal operator shall inform you within 1 month that the complaint has been substantiated, rejected or is still being considered. The final reply shall be given within 2 months from when you submit the complaint.

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint was handled, you can file a complaint with one of the National Enforcement Bodies where the incident took place.

Are you satisfied?