Although renting a car to travel in another EU Member State could be the most practical and convenient way to travel, this may not be the ideal way to travel when longer distances are involved. Therefore, you may want to look at the possibility of travelling by bus.

The European Regulation 181/2011 on the rights of bus and coach passengers apply when the journey starts or finishes in an EU country. These rules mainly apply to long-distance bus and coach services which means that the scheduled distance of the service is 250 km or more.

When travelling for more than 250 km, you as a passenger are entitled to:

  • Information regarding your rights if the trip gets delayed or cancelled before and or during the trip;
  • Compensation in the event of death or injury as a result of an accident;
  • Free assistance at the bus terminal and onboard for individuals with disabilities or reduced mobility. 
  • Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility have the right to travel under the same conditions as other passengers without paying extra;
  • Access to boarding can only be denied if, due to the vehicle’s configuration or the infrastructure, it is physically impossible for you to board;
  • If you require assistance, it must be requested at least 36 hours in advance;
  • Where your mobility equipment is lost or damaged, you are entitled to full compensation.

In the case of overbookingdelays of more than 2 hours or cancellation, you have the right to:

  • Refund of the ticket price; or
  • Re-routing to your destination without incurring any extra charges and under similar conditions; or
  • Compensation of 50%of the ticket price if the bus company does not offer a full refund or re-routing.

Moreover, when travelling for more than 3 hours by bus and there is a cancellation or delay by at least 1 hr 30 mins, you will be entitled to free assistance consisting of:

  • Drinks, snacks and meals reasonable for the waiting time;
  • In case of exceptional weather conditions or natural disaster, you are entitled to accommodation limited to 2 nights at a maximum rate of €80 per night.

Your luggage remains under your responsibilities except in the case that the bus is involved in an accident.


Think about:

  • Labelling your luggage;
  • Taking photos of your luggage content before the trip;
  • Avoid putting valuables in luggage that will be placed out of your sight;
  • Keep an eye on your luggage during stops.
  • Check the departure and arrival locations of the bus;
  • Choose the schedule wisely, especially when you must arrive in a place for other appointments or flights since, if the bus gets stuck in traffic, you will not be entitled to compensation;
  • Keep a valid passport or ID Card with you. You must also carry an identity document for minors and an official authorisation to leave the country if they are not travelling with their parents;
  • Check whether your travel includes more connections and plan accordingly;
  • Be careful not to miss the departure time during breaks.
Are you satisfied?