Are you thinking about travelling abroad? Are you looking for a place to stay during your vacation? Then, this is the information relevant to your needs. You may want to keep in mind several things, especially with the developments related to the Corona Virus and the various restrictions that this has brought with it. 

Note: If you book online, the regulations applicable to online buying are also applicable. 

  • Ensure that the Covid-19 requirements of the destination country are adhered to as you may not be allowed to enter the country if you are not fully vaccinated or possess a valid PCR test result
  • Also, make sure to adhere to the return policies of the country of origin upon the ending of the vacation as there may be additional requirements imposed on you, such as mandatory quarantine
  • Be aware that online platforms such as are intermediaries between you and the hotelier or landlord. Thus, they cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise with the accommodation ultimately booked. 
  • Remember that what is presented to you on the website may not be what you wanted or expected to be. 
  • Check for other consumers’ reviews before booking online and be aware of several negative reviews. However, do not trust all reviews presented and be sceptical were needed by reviewing different booking websites if the need arises. 
  • Ensure the location of the accommodation being booked on through different search engines to ensure that the address provided does exist. 
  • Check whether the photos provided for that accommodation, match any other advertisement. To do so, entre the registered address of the accommodation in an image search engine.
  • You may ask for a written description of the accommodation to the renter. 
  • Check for the reliability of the information provided online. 
  • You may want to contact the hotel itself to compare the price and other conditions, such as cancellation provisions provided on the website.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic development, it is advisable that you are informed about any cancellation fees that you may incur and when do they start to apply.
  • Always effect payment through a secure website. Make sure to keep the confirmation of payment handy as proof that the payment has been affected. 
  • Compare offers, as taxes and fees may vary. 
  • Check the fees you may incur for additional services required during your stay, such as laundry services. 

A booking is final. There is no legal cooling-off period of 14 days for an accommodation booking. However, you may want to check the cancellation terms in the agreement of the rental or the general terms and conditions of the hotel to see what fees may be foreseen and from when will they apply if relevant. 

It depends on the type of problem and the method of booking used to book such an accommodation. 

If you have booked directly with the hotel or owner of the accommodation, you should contact the hotel or owner and try to find a solution to the problem. It is important to note that the ECC-Net cannot assist you in issues arising between you and another private individual, even if established in another Member State, Iceland or Norway. 

If the online booking does not correspond to the advertisement, take photos of the anomalies, contact the hotelier or owner and the customer service of the platform as they could assist you in dealing with the hotelier or owner. 

The platform will be directly responsible if the problem relates to the booking itself. 

On the other hand, for problems relating to the accommodation or the room, you must contact the accommodation owner. 

Where you do not reach an amicable solution with the trader based in a Member State, Iceland or Norway, do not hesitate to contact the European Consumer Centre of your country of residence. 

Are you satisfied?