Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) aims to ensure redress for consumers without them having to go to court. Digital markets require fast and simple redress mechanisms. ADR legislation must be updated to meet those requirements.

Consumers and businesses increasingly use private systems not meeting the ADR Directive requirements, depriving consumers of fair redress. This initiative will modernise the ADR framework in view of online intermediaries, pre-contractual information, and non-EU traders.

Public consultation


Consultation period

28 September 2022 – 21 December 2022  (midnight Brussels time)


The Commission would like to hear your views.

This public consultation is open. Your input will be taken into account as we further develop and fine-tune this initiative. We will summarise the input we receive in a synopsis report, explaining how we have taken it into account. Feedback received will be published on this site and therefore must adhere to the feedback rules.
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