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Press release

December 15, 2021

On 16th December 2021, the European Consumer Centre Network will launch an information hub for European consumers. Through this new website, European consumers can find all the answers to their questions about consumer rights and entitlements on the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net)’s brand new website.

Members from the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus, and Germany worked together to produce a clear and comprehensive source of information and answers to all relevant issues and dilemmas faced by European consumers. This new user-friendly digital platform is a complete and practical guide to consumer protections under European Union law.

The ECC-Net offers European consumers advice on their consumer rights and legal protection when shopping and travelling in another European Union Member or European Economic Area country. The new website gives consumers practical guidance on how to exercise their consumer rights and where to turn to for help when something goes wrong. ECC-Net, will assist consumers by finding an amicable out-of-court solution to consumer-business disputes following cross-border transactions. Where necessary, they liaise directly with the business and ensure that the consumer is informed of their rights and receives expert assistance in their language.

Apart from all the information on the new website eccnet.eu, you can also find the contact details of all European Consumer Centres, including Norway and Iceland, to get in touch with a question or to submit a complaint about a cross-border business.

The ECC-Net’s updates on the launch of the new website are available on the Twitter channel:  twitter.com/ECC_web