Press release – Solving disputes online: New platform for consumers and traders

European Commission – Press release

Solving disputes online: New platform for consumers and traders
Brussels, 15 February 2016

Today, the European Commission launched a new platform to help consumers and traders solve online disputes over a purchase made online.

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform offers a single point of entry that allows EU consumers and traders to settle […]

Timeshares and long-term holiday products: let’s make things clear!

Timeshares, holiday clubs, leisure credits, bonus weeks and vouchers are just some of the offers you might have seen when planning your holidays or at nice and sunny resorts. The ins and outs of these long term holiday engagements can be hard to understand and lead you to take decisions that will be difficult to […]

Good news for consumers in the car rental sector


Commission works with European consumer authorities to better enforce consumer rights in the car rental sector
Brussels, 13 July 2015

Today, five major car rental companies have agreed to significantly review how they deal with consumers thanks to a joint action from the European Commission and national enforcement authorities. Citizens will benefit from more clarity on […]

Staying “h’APP’y” in Europe with ECC-Net: Travel app

There are lots of difficult situations any traveller may encounter during a journey abroad. Picking up a rental car that is more expensive than agreed, finding out that a hotel room booked from home is unavailable, buying an item that becomes defective shortly afterwards: we’ve seen it all happen, haven’t we? Thanks to ECC-Net: Travel […]

European Consumer Centres 2005-2015: 10 years serving Europe’s Consumers.

2015 marks the 10 years anniversary of the network of European Consumer Centres (the ECC- Net) established in all 28 Member States of the European Union, Norway and Iceland and co-funded by the EU consumer Programme. Over the last 10 years, ECCs received more than 650,000 requests for information about their EU consumer rights – […]

Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

Building Bridges: Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

Tips of ECC Austria regarding arrival, accommodation and tickets

13.05.2015 | Travelling In Austria

There are only a few days left before Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) starts in Vienna. Preparations began weeks ago and fans already celebrated the first parties under this year’s motto “Building Bridges”.

But not only for Austrian fans the musical event […]

Live Facebook chat on Passenger Rights to be held on 28th April 2015 (Tuesday) between 11.00-13.00 CET (Central European Time) organised by Your Europe portal and Your Europe Advice – in cooperation with DG MOVE

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Digital Single Market Strategy: European Commission agrees areas for action

European Commission – PRESS RELEASES – //

European Commission – Press release

Digital Single Market Strategy: European Commission agrees areas for action
Brussels, 25 March 2015

Digital technology is part of everyday life. From studying to watching films, buying or selling online to connecting with friends or your doctor – the internet is a goldmine of digital opportunities. But […]

Commercial warranties – Are they worth the money?

The EU legal guarantee allows consumers to request, normally within 2 years of purchase, repair or replacement of defective goods, or in some cases a refund. It is mandatory and to be provided at no extra cost by the seller. However, commercial warranties offered against payment are becoming more and more common. But are they […]

How digital is your country? New figures reveal progress needed towards a digital Europe


European Commission – Press release

Brussels, 24 February 2015

There are plenty of digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked to benefit European citizens and companies. From shopping or studying online, to paying bills or using public services over the Internet – the Web is the answer, if the right conditions are in place. This is the […]